• Exercise and Self-Care Measures

    Gentle exercises demonstrated and self-care measures encouraged in these videos with Dr. James Fricton, Pain Specialist

  • Breath Training

    Ed Harrold guides you through breathing techniques to calm your nervous system with online videos.

  • Pain Education

    Pain and stress can be a vicious cycle especially during ups and downs in recovery. These videos are like a private consult, in your home


Dr. James Fricton

Meet Dr. James Fricton, who is a pain expert with specialized training in head, neck and jaw pain conditions. Dr. Fricton’s true passion is to help patients manage their pain condition with self-care measures that help. We have designed these Online Resources to bring Dr. Fricton, and Ed Harrold, an expert breathing coach, to you in the convenience of your own surroundings. Dr. Fricton is a world-renown for his research, teaching and publications in pain education, and leadership in trying to bridge the gap in dental and medical field where there is insufficient understanding of diagnostic and treatment options for orofacial pain. We are honored to have Dr. Fricton on our team!